Hiya!~ I'm a smutty adorable VA known as electrodolly. I'm also a Vtuber! Please ask for my discord or message me here about commissions. I look forward to having fun and putting out great quality content~

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ElectroDolly's News

Posted by ElectroDolly - June 6th, 2016


Hey pervy lovelies!~ I'm back with a long over due post.

Thank you guys so much 156 followers and for all of your support <3 

I also want to thank everyone that commissioned me. I love making your fantasies come to life~

I've got a lot of exciting updates for you all.

First off, I've posted a new track!!! 

If you haven't listened to it go take a peek and have some private time ;o

A lot more tracks are coming your way~

Art by the badass peen: http://respainkillerart.tumblr.com/

Next, l've upgraded the quality of my audio I can produce thanks to my sound engineer friend. He's teaching me all the fancy editing secrets in audacity and reaper. 

As a result, We're going to create the perfect electrodolly voice...yes really~ This android is getting a voice of her very own. Look forward to it soon <3

Anyone who donates to my paypal, any amount above $1, will receive a special thank you recording from me <3

Lastly, I'm updating my price list due to the enhanced quality and focus I can now provide.


1. Private Skype Calls

  • $50 per hour

2. Short Audio Recording/Script

  • $30 flat rate

3. Long Audio Recordings/Scripts

  • $50-$100 depends on length

4. Projects and Animations 

  • $100+ negotiable, Will do work trades <3

All comissions are completely custom. No limits on kinks~

Please pm, email, or skype me for buisness inquires and commissions.

That's all the updates for now! Again, it's all thanks to you guys <3



Posted by ElectroDolly - October 20th, 2015


Fan Art by moga!~ http://moga.tumblr.com/

Heya lovelies~

Please check out my new voice recording commisioned by "Kay". He chose the script and title~ Rate plz <3



Please reffer to my new price list!~


All comissions are completely custom. No limits on kinks~

Please pm, email, or skype me for buisness inquires and commissions.

Thank you!! :]

Posted by ElectroDolly - August 11th, 2015



This is my mascot of an electrodolly <33

Cute isn't she? Heh~

Anyways you can see the full version here:


qt-milk is an amazing artist! Go commish her for your needs!!~

Posted by ElectroDolly - May 30th, 2015

Hello there kick ass scumlords!

I just got comissioned by KaTsuoo1 :D

Check out their awsome game I'll be doing naughty voice work for:


Make sure to give them some love <3


Posted by ElectroDolly - February 21st, 2015

Thank you for everywone who watched, liked, and finished....To the pinoytoons vid!

It was one of my first gigs voice acting, and I hope to do better. It's weird having fans haha.

I look forward to working on more projects :3 

If you would like to have me on your project or comission me,

Please contact me via email or skype.


Posted by ElectroDolly - June 20th, 2014

Hello Newgrounds, I'm Electro Dolly.

I'm here to lend myself as a voice actress for any NSFW animators.

Of course I might be able to do SFW stuff too....

I'm going to be on here messaging awsome people looking for gigs.

Of course I'm sending lots of samples as well.

If you're interested, please drop me a message or contact me through my skype or my email.

Contact: electrodolly@gmail.com