2016-06-06 23:51:45 by ElectroDolly


Hey pervy lovelies!~ I'm back with a long over due post.

Thank you guys so much 156 followers and for all of your support <3 

I also want to thank everyone that commissioned me. I love making your fantasies come to life~

I've got a lot of exciting updates for you all.

First off, I've posted a new track!!! 

If you haven't listened to it go take a peek and have some private time ;o

A lot more tracks are coming your way~

Art by the badass peen:

Next, l've upgraded the quality of my audio I can produce thanks to my sound engineer friend. He's teaching me all the fancy editing secrets in audacity and reaper. 

As a result, We're going to create the perfect electrodolly voice...yes really~ This android is getting a voice of her very own. Look forward to it soon <3

Anyone who donates to my paypal, any amount above $1, will receive a special thank you recording from me <3

Lastly, I'm updating my price list due to the enhanced quality and focus I can now provide.


1. Private Skype Calls

  • $50 per hour

2. Short Audio Recording/Script

  • $30 flat rate

3. Long Audio Recordings/Scripts

  • $50-$100 depends on length

4. Projects and Animations 

  • $100+ negotiable, Will do work trades <3

All comissions are completely custom. No limits on kinks~

Please pm, email, or skype me for buisness inquires and commissions.

That's all the updates for now! Again, it's all thanks to you guys <3



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