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::UPDATE! I'm not dead! Help me decide on stuff?~::

Posted by ElectroDolly - October 8th, 2017

Heya electrodolly here!~ <3

I wanted to give you all a bit of an update. I am working on new content but don’t have anything new to post right now. I am busy with university, and trying to work on new content while doing well in University is a challenge. Not to say I am using it as an excuse, but it does take up a lot of time. ^^;;;

Something I have been pondering about lately that I wanted to get your feedback on. I am considering making a Patreon page and possibly getting an amazon wishlist. My hope for the Patreon is that it will motivate me to make more consistant content for you all. The reason being is because you will all be donating each month for content that you want to see, or rather hear. (I'm basically giving you want you want from me ;3) I am thinking on what content I will have for the different tiers, do any of you have any suggestions? It would be a huge help!!~

Comment on this post or inbox me your ideas please :DD

For the amazon wish list. It will depend on the item, but you will definitely be thanked for it somehow. I am thinking about starting these up when I reach 300 followers by the way, so tell your friends if you want! >W<

I'm also thinking about making a discord....would you all like that? Please let me know about that too~

I want to thank each and every one of you who has ever donated, commented, given me a rating, done a commission or helped me in any way. Each recording or project I have done, I have learned something new to make future content better for you all. I really enjoyed working with everyone. And I'm sorry I've let some creators down. Your support means the world to me you guys, and I would not continue to do what I do without your support!

Thank you all so much! >///////<~ <3333


Patreon would be really cool! Would be a paying supporter there for sure!

Astrolab thanks for letting me know and all of your support >/////<!~ ♡♡♡